1973 Camaro



Jim came to CMP after a newly-built custom engine failed to live up to his performance expectations. Concerned he needed to start from scratch with a new engine, Jim sought an honest opinion and guidance from CMP for the increased engine performance he desired.



Consulting, Engine Dyno, Engine Optimization: After a consultation and engine dyno services, CMP determined Jim did not need to incur the expense of building a new engine. Instead CMP designed and built a custom cam shaft and heads to optimize his engine performance.


Increased 439 TRQ / 454 HP to an impressive 524 TRQ / 532 HP.


Competed at the USCA Bowling Green event and won an invitation to compete at OPTIMA’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car Invitational in Las Vegas.

Jim Stehlin

“When it comes to your engine, Al knows what he is doing and expects nothing but the best. His passion for performance is second-to-none, and his desire to help people – people like me whom he’d never even met – is truly incredible. Al took my poorly built engine and turned it into the power-producing machine it was always destined to be, and for a fair price too. He listened to my needs and expectations, and after detailing every aspect from upgrades to weight, designed an application specific to my driving style. CMP will be building all of my motors from now on.”  —Jim Stehlin