2006 C6 Corvette




To improve the “Tracking” performance of himself and his stock C6



Al shared some of his extensive driving experience with Phil through hands-on mountainous road driving

Al utilized his technical knowledge to produce a “mild-mannered daily driver” C6 that was faster than a Z06, cornered better than a Nissan GT-R, and crushed Mustang 500’s

Accomplished this with a CMP 416 LS-3 conversion (custom CMP head & cam), an Edelbrock supercharger (with additional cooling), CMP Suspension package (sway bars, adjustable coil-overs & bump steer kit), “big brake” system and bi-mode C6/Z06 cat back exhaust


Increased rear-wheel HP to 700; nearly twice the original spec.

Appeared to be stock C6 which became a Z06 on steroids on the track. (Also increased Phil’s driving performance to nearly twice the original spec.)



Phil Scheff

“I came to Al to improve the overall performance of my C6. I was immediately blown away by how closely Al worked with me in order to find the exact performance I deserved. I believe in Al and his brand and know how much he has to offer to the custom engine industry. In 2009, I reached out to Al with a business opportunity he couldn’t refuse. We became co-founders of Custom Machine Performance. ”  —Phil Scheff